Monday, September 25, 2006

Distractions in the Mortgage Office - Part One

One of the more common "distractions" in the office (granted, this issue is not limited to the mortgage industry) is a non-producing attitude in co-workers. Although there are many techniques to avoiding the distractions associated with workplace sloths, you're going to need a bit of self control and discipline to pull it off, whether you choose to remain in the office, or take your work home with you.

One very realistic solution for many mortgage professionals is to set up shop in your home office. One of the most important factors in originating mortgages from the home is local and state laws. In some states, there may be laws regulating how the information is stored (such as in a locked room, locked file cabinet, etc.) If you're considering working from your home, you should also be aware of the possibilities of distractions in the home, such as T.V., family members, too many breaks, or other potentially distracting factors. Be sure that you set up your home office to prevent distractions, such as using a spare room with a door that you can close, and telephone line, computer & internet, a file cabinet and a fax machine.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Getting Your Docs Signed Faster and Easier

I received a free disc in the mail, and I am truly impressed with the program. I usually don't like to try out the programs because there are so many so-called free programs that turn out to be demos. But this one said it was fully free at the time, so I thought - what the heck. The program is called SureDocs (some of you may already use the program.) It was being offered for free at the time, an introductory marketing campaign - but I'm not quite sure what the deal is now.

So what does it do? Well - the part I like the best, it works within any LOS or application you are already using, sort of like a docs printer for your PC, and makes it clear where to sign with some really nifty "Sign Here" and "Date Here" symbols. Documents are immediately sent to you with an audit trail of when it was received, read, and signed. It can be easy to use either electronically with digital signatures, or the docs can be produced in PDF format for easy printing and faxing. It's definitely worth a try, and it's totally secure. Pick up a copy of the SureDocs program if you don't have a disc by visiting their download site.